The Future of Skin Rejuvenation

In the world of beauty and lifestyle, technological innovations are constantly redefining what is possible in skin care. Among these innovations, Morpheus8 stands out as a revolutionary treatment that combines microneedling and radio frequency (RF) energy to deliver amazing results.

Transform Your Skin with Morpheus8: Advanced Beauty Through Microneedling and Radiofrequency Technology

What is Morpheus8?

Morpheus8 is a minimally invasive treatment that uses a unique combination of fractional microneedling and radiofrequency energy to rejuvenate and remodel the skin. This advanced technology is approved by major health authorities in Mexico, the United States and Europe and is known for its ability to treat a variety of skin concerns, including wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, sun damage, sagging and uneven skin tone.

How does it work?

Morpheus8 uses fine needles to create micro-injuries in the skin, stimulating the natural production of collagen and elastin. RF energy penetrates the deeper layers of the skin, promoting more intense remodeling and revitalization. This process improves the appearance, texture and firmness of the skin, achieving a lifting and restoring effect on the skin.

Treatment Areas

Morpheus8 is exceptionally versatile and is so safe that it can be used on all facial and body areas from the thinnest, most delicate skin such as eyelids to the most challenging areas such as buttocks and thighs. The most requested areas are: the face, neck, abdomen, thighs and buttocks. It is especially for facial treatments, where the results can be comparable to those of a non-surgical facelift.


Ideal Candidates

This treatment is suitable for people of all ages who wish to improve the quality and appearance of their skin. It is effective on all skin types and tones. Each of the treatments is customizable to the individual needs of each patient, making it suitable for everyone.

Before treatment

It is essential to avoid sun exposure, self-tanners, and certain medications. 

Treatment Process

Before undergoing a Morpheus8 treatment, a consultation is essential to personalize the procedure. The treatment involves the use of tiny needles that penetrate the deepest layers of the skin to increase the production of collagen and elastin. Prior to treatment, topical anesthesia is used to maximize patient comfort. In very sensitive patients or when treating body areas, sedation is recommended. The procedure itself is relatively quick and recovery time is minimal, with some patients experiencing slight redness or swelling that disappears within a few days.

 Treatment protocol

For best results, a 3-session protocol is recommended, spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart for face and neck and 6 to 8 weeks apart for body areas.

Why 3 sessions?

  1. Progressive Improvement Each Morpheus8 session stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. These processes are gradual and accumulate over time. By performing multiple sessions, stimulation is enhanced and more notable and long-lasting results are obtained.
  1. Skin Renewal Cycle: The skin has a natural cycle of renewal and healing. By spacing out Morpheus8 sessions, the skin is allowed to fully recover between treatments and the natural regeneration process is optimized.
  1. Individualized Adaptation:: Each person responds differently to treatment. Three sessions allow the practitioner to adjust intensity and focus based on individual skin response and specific areas of concern.
  1. Cumulative Results:: Morpheus8's benefits are cumulative. Each successive treatment builds on the results of the previous one, leading to more significant improvements in terms of wrinkle reduction, skin firmness, and overall texture.
  2. Safety and efficacy: Performing multiple lighter sessions, rather than a single more intense one, helps minimize the risk of side effects and provides a more comfortable recovery, while maintaining the effectiveness of the treatment.


You will notice immediate improvements, with more significant results appearing gradually as the skin regenerates. For best results, a 3-session protocol is recommended.

Maintenance and Post-Treatment Care

It is important to take care of your skin with gentle cleansing, hydration and sun protection.

To maintain the results of Morpheus8, annual maintenance sessions can be scheduled. After treatment, 

Morpheus8 is marking a new era in skin rejuvenation treatments. With its non-invasive approach and compelling results, it is quickly becoming a popular choice for those looking for a comprehensive, long-lasting solution to improve and maintain healthy, radiant skin.

Key benefits and treatment areas of Morpheus8 include:

  • Face: Anti Aging Effect, eliminates fine wrinkles, improves uneven skin tone, refines pores, reduces acne scars, improves texture;
  • Under the Eyes: Promotes collagen production, treats fine lines, texture and dark circles, reduces under-eye puffiness;
  • Jaw Line: Defines the contour of the facial oval;
  • Submental area: Elimination of unwanted fat under the chin;
  • Neck: Improves the quality, density and firmness of the skin;
  • Neckline: Effective in minimizing sun damage and improving skin texture;
  • Abdomen: Tones the skin, reduces stretch marks;
  • Thighs and Buttocks: Improves the uneven appearance of the skin, improves the texture and overall firmness of the skin.

Day by Day Recovery Process After Morpheus8

The recovery process after treatment with Morpheus8 varies with each person, but in general, recovery occurs as follows:

Day 1: Immediate Post-Treatment

  • Immediately after treatment: The skin may appear red, similar to a mild sunburn.
  • Hours after treatment: There may be some swelling and a sensation of heat in the treated area.
  • Recommended care: Apply thermal water to the treated skin, an epithelializing cream and sun block, avoid makeup and direct sun exposure.


Day 2-3: Restructuring

  • Skin condition: Redness, slight edema or inflammation of the skin begins to decrease. Slight peeling may appear.
  • Recommended care: Continue with the application of thermal water on the treated skin, an epithelializing cream and sun block. Avoid exfoliation or irritating products.

Day 4-6: Continuous Improvement

  • Skin condition: The skin continues to improve. Peeling may continue gently.
  • Recommended care: Maintain a gentle skin care routine, including the use of a Syndet dermocleanser, epithelializing cream, hydration and sun protection.


Day 7-10: First results

  • Skin condition: Most visible signs of the treatment should have disappeared. Here you begin to discover your new skin.
  • Recommended care: You can resume regular makeup use and return to your usual skin care routine.

Results After Morpheus8

The Morpheus8 results They may vary from person to person, however, what we frequently observe is:

  • Immediately after the skin repair process: You will notice your skin is brighter, smoother, the pores are more refined, the skin tone looks unified, the texture improves, fine wrinkles fade and scars, even acne scars, soften. Some patients notice a significant improvement in the depth of the nasolabial lines.
  • Progressive and cumulative results: By stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, we obtain a significant improvement in the structure and firmness of the skin; This benefit is gradual and cumulative, since the “new production” of collagen is obtained approximately 3 months after treatment and continues up to 6 months later.
  • Long-term maintenance: Remember that the aging process continues its course, and to maintain the results, it is essential to "Hack the system", so carrying out a protocol once a year is ideal, as well as your daily care and/or complementary treatments.

It is important to remember that individual experience may vary and it is important to always follow the recommendations to enhance your results.

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