Renuvion face lift

No one escapes the passage of time and neither does our face. However, there is Renuvion Face Lift, the most innovative technology to show off a firm and radiant face.

45 minutes


Local with sedation

1 week to return to normal activities

6 months



The desire to combat and reduce the signs of aging has become, for many years, one of the main concerns of both men and women. For this reason, the field of cosmetic surgery has made enormous efforts to try to develop anti-aging treatments that allow a significant improvement in facial skin. The development of Renuvion Face Lift responds to this need for facial aesthetics that seeks to counteract aging in the least invasive way possible.


Facial aging is a natural process of deterioration of all the structures of the face and neck from which no one can escape. When you begin to suffer from facial flaccidity, loss of elasticity, volume and density in the skin, the appearance of furrows and indentations, the formation of jowls due to the loss of firmness in the lower part of the face due to sagging skin and excess fat deposits under the chin and jaw, if you identify with these descriptions, it's time to turn to Renuvion Face Lift. It is a combination of plasmatic helium and Radiofrequency that is applied in the subdermal space, it acts by contracting collagen and stimulating your fibroblasts to produce new collagen. This means recovering the firmness of the skin of the face and neck immediately and that the lifting effect improves as the days go by, so your face will look renewed and natural for a long time.


I am one of the first doctors to have the exclusive Renuvion technology in Mexico, combined with the experience in the application of this treatment, the results that I can offer you are undoubtedly exceptional. A renewed face, with a minimally invasive procedure; the incisions are 5mm and are imperceptible since I make them in strategic areas. You're just going to love it.

Renuvion face lift