Mentoplasty aims to give a better shape to the chin, it is essential when evaluating the aesthetics of a face.

1 hour

Outpatient without hospitalization


1 day of rest, 3 days to return to normal activities.

3 months

Solid silicone implants.


To determine the changes that must be made and achieve the perfect harmony and symmetry in your face, it is important to analyze your physiognomy, your expectations and the medical possibilities in detail. The goal is to give you a personalized result that is aesthetic and natural.


If you want to permanently increase the volume of your chin, we can place an implant
under the skin of the chin from a small incision in the crease that leaves no visible scars.
Or maybe the issue is to reduce it, this is a complex and very meticulous technique. The chin is reduced by removing an exact portion of the jaw, usually from an external incision under the chin.


Create a good custom design based on your facial structure.