cheek implants

In recent years, very sharp faces with prominent cheekbones have become a beauty standard. Wearing a sharp face and maintaining the naturalness of your features is possible.

1 hour

Outpatient without hospitalization


1 day of rest, 3 days to return to normal activities

3 months

Solid silicone implants.


In general, cheek implants are used to increase the definition and volume of your cheekbones, reverse the aging process by recovering the volume you have lost with age, or to permanently correct any asymmetry in your face.


The nose is key to facial beauty and harmony due to its central position on the face. Sometimes the only thing that needs to be corrected is the base of the nose to make it thinner, so we can focus on modifying the nasal wings. The objective of alloplasty is to reduce the width of the nasal base


Create a good custom design based on your facial structure.