This intervention became a trend because it is one of the favorites of "influencers" and "celebrities" to show off a more stylized face. It consists of the extraction of the fatty tissue bags found in the cheeks (Bichat bags).

20 minutes



Does not require

6 months

Does not require


Through a relatively simple technique, - as long as it is carried out by an expert - the extraction of some "bags" of fatty tissue found in the cheeks is carried out: the Bichat bags. The objective is to achieve greater definition of the cheek area, in this way a sharper and more stylized face can be achieved.


It is important to differentiate that the cheek is not the same as the bichat bag, these despite not having an excessively large size, pose an aesthetic problem, since the volume they project due to their position, between the cheek and the third lower part of the face, give it a more rounded appearance. The bichectomy is perfect for you, if despite being thin or skinny you have a round face and you want to mark your cheeks. Or if you simply want to improve the appearance of the face with a new facial geometry


To achieve the desired effect, complementary procedures such as cheek fillers or mucoplasty are performed.