Alloplasty. In some cases, to create an aesthetic nose we just need to modify the base, make it thin and symmetrical. A small intervention for a big change. Alloplasty is a procedure used in cases where a nose is wide. At the level of the nasal wings, through this procedure we can reduce the width and/or length by removing a small part of the lateral skin.

20 minutes



3 days.

3 months



Create an aesthetic nose with a minor procedure


The nose is key to facial beauty and harmony due to its central position on the face. Sometimes the only thing that needs to be corrected is the base of the nose to make it thinner, so we can focus on modifying the nasal wings. The goal of alloplasty is to reduce the width of the nasal base


Symmetry is a relevant point, especially in this procedure, leaving you with a beautiful nose is my mission

Alloplasty ✔️ Dr. Miguel Soto