Tummy 360

A flat abdomen with a fitness appearance, a defined waist and lower back free of fat deposits and firm skin in all these areas is the ideal of many men and women. Tummy 360 is the solution for a perfect abdomen.

3.5 hours

Outpatient without hospitalization


2 weeks to resume activities

The results are noticeable immediately, however the final result is obtained after 6 months

Post-operative girdle (6 weeks day and night 6 weeks 12 hours)


Create a better definition of your torso and achieve a more stylized appearance: flat abdomen, defined waist, well-defined lower back, voluminous buttocks, curved hips. If your purpose is to model the body contour by eliminating excess fat in localized areas, transferring it to other areas where you want more volume and keeping the skin firm after the process.


Eliminate excess fat from areas located in the abdomen, waist, back and armpits, which are disproportionate to the rest of your body Definition and volume of buttocks and hips, firmness of the skin after the procedure


Everything is constantly evolving, and body contouring surgery is no exception. With the synergy of the best technology in the world, Tummy 360 is the result of my surgical experience applying the most innovative technology. The first thing is to design your new body. Subsequently, I perform high-definition Liposuction with Micro Air technology, we process the fat with a special equipment for lipotransfer called Wells Johnson HVP and finally we restore the skin's firmness with Renuvion by J plasma to prevent post-lipo flaccidity. A stylized body, with a minimally invasive procedure; the incisions are 5mm and are imperceptible since I make them in strategic areas. You're just going to love it.

Tummy 360