thigh lift

Renew, beautify and perfect the look of your legs with a Renuvion Thigh Lift.

1 hour

with internment


5 days of rest, 1 week to return to normal activities

6 months

postoperative girdle


Give your thighs back their beauty and firmness, achieving a homogeneous, natural and renewed appearance.


The thighs are a complicated area because they contain different clinical entities that usually coexist and make them look unattractive. Lipodystrophy (fat deposits), flaccidity, stretch marks and cellulite are common in this area. With Renuvion Thigh Lift we can eliminate fat deposits and restore skin firmness. The best thing is that it is a minimally invasive surgery; so through 5mm incisions we manage to give your thighs a homogeneous, natural and renewed appearance.


I am one of the first doctors in Mexico to acquire Renuvion, the technology that revolutionized cosmetic surgery. I have extensive experience treating thighs with Renuvion to improve contour and restore skin firmness.

thigh lift