thigh lift

Eliminate excess skin and fat from your thighs to regain a more youthful appearance after significant weight loss, after pregnancy or due to the changes of time.

2 hours

with internment


1 week off, 2 weeks to return to normal activities

6 months

postoperative girdle


Beautifies the appearance of the thighs and recovers its firmness. Along with aesthetic improvement, the thigh lift favors body hygiene and helps improve movement, avoiding chafing of the legs that can cause dermatological problems.


If you are a healthy person, have a stable weight, do not smoke and want to improve the contour of the thighs and have not achieved it with exercise.
It is important to consider that the thigh lift is not a weight loss method. The result is permanent but can be affected by fluctuations in weight. The stretch marks that are located in the skin area to be resected are eliminated with the excess skin located in the upper and inner part of the thigh.


Improve the contour of your thighs,
eliminate fat deposits and excess skin located in the upper and inner part of the thigh as a result of aging or fluctuations in weight.

thigh lift