arm lift

Eliminate the "bat wings" with the arm lift, which is technically known as brachioplasty, a cosmetic surgery intervention indicated to remove excess skin and/or fat from the arms that make them look unattractive

2 hours

Outpatient or short stay without hospitalization.

regional or general

1 week of rest, 2 weeks to return to normal activities

6 months

postoperative girdle


With brachioplasty we remove excess fat, reduce sagging skin, and redefine the shape of this part of the body. The main objective of the operation is to achieve stylized arms that are in harmony with the rest of the body.


This procedure is indicated if you have had significant changes in weight and you have an accumulation of fat and excess skin in the arms (it is common to have stretch marks in this area), and you want to reduce the diameter and improve the contour that has not been able to improve with routine diet and exercise.


Eliminate excess fat and get stylized arms.

arm lift